Serbian exports in August amounted to 2.4 billion euro

The total value of the exports of the 15 largest exporters in Serbia in the period from January to August 2020, amounted to 2.4 billion euro.

The Smederevo steel mill remains the largest Serbian exporter remains. Zijin Bor and Tigar follow, announced the Ministry of Finance.

The export of Smederevo’s Zelezara reached 308.9 million euro, reads the document “Current macroeconomic trends” published on the Ministry’s website. Chinese Zijin exported 229.4 million euro and Pirot-based Tigar exported 223.9 million euro worth of goods.

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The export of Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac reached 186.7 million euro, NIS exported 175.7 million euro worth of goods, the pharmaceutical company, Hemofarm from Vrsac exported 150.6 million euro worth of goods.

The export value of Philip Morris’ factory in Niš, from January to August, was 149.6 million euro, Grundfos from Indjija 147.1 million euro, Henkel 145.6 million euro and Yura 130.3 million euro.

The list of the 15 largest exporters also includes: Bosch with exports of 124.5 million euro, Tetra Pak 123.9 million euro, Lions from Prokuplje 119.3 million euro, Hip- Petrohemnija from Pančevo 96.6 million euro and Gorenje’s factory in Valjevo 80.9 million euro.

(Blic, 22.09.2020)

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