Serbian doctors have the lowest salaries in the region

In contrast to education, where the educators’ salaries, for example elementary school teachers, can differ only due to work experience and eventual seniority, in healthcare it is much more difficult to determine who earns how much.

The basic salary, as in most other parts of the public sector, writes Demostat, is calculated by multiplying the base with a coefficient that depends on the level of education and the specifics of the workplace – the problem is that the final amount is influenced by many other factors and there is not even a uniformed base.

The statistical average in health care, as stated, does not reflect the true situation because the differences within the same employee qualification bracket are large and those between different educational categories in the same activity are inexplicable.

According to the last published data for February of this year, the national average monthly salary was 94,125 dinars, while healthcare and social workers were paid 96,547 dinars (approximately 820 euros) on average.

But, for those in the public sector, the opportunities were better – the average salary was 98,886 dinars, while healthcare and social workers were paid slightly less, on average 97,510 dinars, writes Demostat.

In terms of neighbouring countries, the health workers in Romania are doing the best – a specialist doctor in that country earns 4,000 euros, a subspecialist 7,000 and a nurse or technician about 1,700 euros.

Specialists in North Macedonia receive around 1,500 euros, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Bulgaria they receive around 2,000, in Slovenia from 2,000 to 3,000 and sub-specialists receive up to 4,000 euros. In Croatia, a specialist can count on 2,797 euros and a subspecialist on 2,965 euros. It is a similar situation in Montenegro, where a specialist has 2,500 and a subspecialist around 3,000 euros.

In Serbia, a general practitioner receives about 900 euros, a specialist 1,100, while a subspecialist receives about 1,200, and nurses and technicians 570 on average.

(Vesti Online, 21.05.2024)

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