Serbian cultural heritage now digitalized

All movable and immovable cultural assets, which are preserved in archives, libraries, museums, galleries and institutions for the protection of cultural monuments, can now be found on the unique web portal on which you can search for the information about Serbia’s cultural heritage and maps of monuments and cultural institutions.

The project has been initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Information with the strategic support of Microsoft Serbia.

The cultural heritage finder guarantees the credibility of the processed data and gives users the opportunity to obtain basic information in one place, simply by entering a keyword.

There are four databases to search through – the database containing archives with historical documents, the database containing information about immovable cultural goods, the database that covers museums galleries and the database that contains information about old and rare books kept in libraries.

Users are provided with the basic information about all digitized objects, that is, cultural goods that are found in institutions’ databases.

Information on the websites , www.kultura.srb  or  are available in the Serbian language (both in Cyrillic and Latin script) and in English.

These web portals were created in cooperation with the National Library of Finland and modelled after them, while the similar portals exist in France, Great Britain, Italy and Hungary.

(Telegraf, 26.05.2019)


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