Serbian consumer basket: lot of money spent on food, very little on education

To cover the costs that the typical consumer basket, in July, an average consumer in Serbia had to spend 73,725.86 dinars while to cover the costs of the minimum consumer basket, the average Serbian citizen needed 38,325.94 dinars.

Since the average monthly salary in Serbia is 60,029 dinars, the calculations show that to cover the average consumer basket, 1.23 average wages were needed while 0.64 average wages were needed for the minimum consumer basket.

Whether we are talking about the average of the minimum consumer basket, most of the money is spent on food and soft drinks, and the least on education. Therefore, 28,300 dinars is usually spent on food and drink or 38.42% of the total money needed, and about 480 dinars or 0.65%, are set aside for education. About 17,260 dinars, or 45.04%, are needed for food and soft drinks in the minimum basket and only 0.33%, or 125 dinars, goes towards education.

The next are costs related to accommodation, water, electricity, gas and other fuels. In the average basket, 19.95% of the money is spent on these things, that is, about 14,700 dinars, while in the minimum consumer basket about 7,400, or just over 19.30%.

Next are transportation costs. About 5,500 and 2,200 dinars, respectively 7.39 and 5.74% of the average and minimum consumer basket goes towards transportation costs. About 3,000 and 1,150 dinars per month respectively are allocated for the purchase of clothes and shoes, or 4.04 and 3.01%, the costs for the purchase of furniture, household equipment and maintenance are approximately 3,100 e 1,600 dinars, about 2,000 and about 950 dinars are allocated to communications, 2.67 and 2.43%, for recreation and culture around 4,000 and 1,400 dinars, or 5.51% and 3.6%.

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About 850 and 300 dinars are spent on restaurants and hotels, i.e. 1.1 and 0.74% respectively, and on other goods and services 2,370 and 1,300 dinars, or 3.21 and 3.40%. Allocations for health care are similar in terms of both baskets – about 3.5%, but the amounts are different, so the cost is 2,600 dinars in the average consumer’s basket and about 1,450 in the minimum.

Of the total money needed for food, most is spent on fresh and processed meat, or 7,700 dinars of the average consumer basket.

The items in the minimum consumption basket are the same, but the quantities of products are lower, so Serbian citizens spend 3,200 dinars on cereals and cereal-based products, processed vegetables cost 2,455 dinars and fresh and processed fruit 1,265 dinars. 3,900 dinars are spent on the purchase of fresh and processed meat, 330 dinars on fresh and processed fish, about 570 dinars on edible oils and fats, about 3,200 dinars on milk, dairy products and eggs, about 1,000 on other food products and about 1,300 on beverages.

(Kamatica, 05.10.2020)

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