Serbian companies with the biggest revenue in 2016

The top 100 companies in Serbia generated over 21.4 billion euros in revenue in 2016, which is 2.2 billion euros more than in 2015, when the combined revenue of the top 100 companies amounted to more than 19.3 billion euros, according to an analysis conducted by the Cube Team Company.

The total revenue of all companies in Serbia amounted to just over 25.3 billion euros in 2016. At the same time, the total number of companies was 87,096, while the number of employees stood at about 620,000.

Among the top 100 Serbian companies, the top 10 have an over 35 percent share in the total revenue of the leading 100.

On the top 100 list, there are also three companies that were founded only last year and already occupy 16th, 51st and 86th place respectively. These are WinWin from Cacak, Modicum from Belgrade and Hesteel (former Zelezara Smederevo). The three companies generated 537 million euros in revenue.

The list is complied based on the companies’ balance sheets submitted to the Serbian Business Registry Agency. Here are the biggest revenue generators in 2016 in Serbia:

  1. NIS, Novi Sad – 1.5 billion euros
  2. FCA Kragujevac – 1.1 billion euros
  3. Mercator doo, Novi Sad – 892. 8 million euros
  4. Telekom Srbija – 725.8 million euros
  5. Delhaize, Belgrade – 708.5 million euros
  6. EPS distribution, Belgrade – 685.7 million euros
  7. Nelt Company – 631.7 million euros
  8. JP Srbijagas, Novi Sad – 536.8 million euros
  9. Telenor doo, Belgrade – 379.9 million euros
  10. Philip Morris, Nis – 336.2 million euros

Compared to the data from 2015, there are several companies that have drastically improved their rankings including Carnex which jumped from 127th place (in 2015) to 98th place (in 2016), the Belgrade Shareholding Company for Railway Infrastructure Management which jumped from 202nd place to 65th, and the Philip Morris Company which jumped 20 places to 10th.

(N1, 28.08.2017)

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