Serbian companies use AI the least

Although last year was marked by a craze for artificial intelligence, the latest Eurostat data shows that in 2023, only eight percent of companies in the European Union (EU) used this tool in their business. In Serbia, that percentage was only 1.8, with only Romania behind us at 1.5%.

Companies used artificial intelligence much more in all other countries of the region. In Bulgaria, that percentage was 3.6, in Croatia 7.9, in Hungary 3.7, in Slovenia 11.4 percent, in Bosnia and Herzegovina 5.3 and in Montenegro 5.6. Data for North Macedonia and Albania are not available at Eurostat.

However, Serbia managed to achieve an increase compared to 2021, when only 0.9 percent of companies used artificial intelligence in conducting business. It is interesting to note that artificial intelligence was used less in companies in Slovenia and Croatia last year compared to 2021.

The highest number of companies with 10 or more employees using AI technologies was recorded in Denmark (15.2 percent), Finland (15.1 percent) and Luxembourg (14.4 percent).

Artificial intelligence refers to systems that use technologies such as text analysis, computer vision, speech recognition, machine learning and deep learning to collect and/or use data to make predictions, recommendations or decisions.

In 2023, the most commonly used type of AI technology in businesses was the automation of various workflows or decision-making support, known as robotic process automation, which was used by three percent of businesses. The next most used technology was written language analysis (textual analysis), which was used by 2.9 percent of companies. Machine learning, including deep learning, was used by 2.6 percent of businesses, Eurostat data showed.

(Bloomberg Adria, 10.06.2024)

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