Serbian companies: Profit and loss in 2016

Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) was the most profitable company in Serbia in 2016, the Bambi Concern had the best rating, while public enterprise Srbijagas lost the most money.

This is according to the report compiled by the Business Registers Agency. The companies that generated the biggest income mostly come from wholesale and retail (36%) which is an 8.7% hike compared to 2015. Also, 35 companies from processing industry and 6 from power supply achieved good results too.

“NIS remains the most successful company with the profit of 16 billion dinars, just like last year. However, their revenue dropped by 11% compared to 2015. The company also laid off 101 workers in 2016”, Ruzica Stamenkovic from the Business Registers Agency says.

In 2016, Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) recorded the biggest revenue and asset value, but also occupies the second place in terms of its losses.

Fifteen companies in food industry also recorded high profitability, with the sugar refining company Sunoko reporting the biggest net profit of 6.2 billion dinars, a 44.8% increase compared to 2015. Bambi has also fared well. “Apart from pronounced profitability, this concern also has a good asset structure and liquidity”, Stamenkovic points out.

The Smederevo Ironworks recorded the biggest loss in 2016, however, Stamenkovic points out, that we should consider that the company sold some of its assets in 2016, and that the healthy part of the company now operates under the Chinese company Hesteel.

“Public enterprise Putevi Srbije (Serbian Roads) occupies the second place in terms of business loss which stood at 13.1 billion dinars, and had grown by 36.7% compared to 2015”, Stamenkovic says.

Top five companies by generated business revenue in 2016 

  1. EPS (222.1 billion dinars),
  2. NIS (177.9 billion dinars)
  3. FIAT (132.6 billion dinars)
  4. Mercator S (107.13 billion dinars)
  5. Telekom Serbia (87.1 billion dinars)

Top five companies by generated net profit in 2016

  1. NIS AD (16.08 billion dinars)
  2. Telekom Serbia (15.16 billion dinars)
  3. Telenor(8.9 billion dinars)
  4. EPS(8.76 billion dinars)
  5. Beogradske elektrane – Belgrade Power Plants(8.01 billion dinars)

Top five companies by net loss in 2016

  1. Srbijagas(130.71 billion dinars)
  2. EPSBelgrade branch (122.7 billion dinars)
  3. InfrastrukturaŽeleznice Srbije – Serbian Railways Infrastructure (86.33 billion dinars)
  4. HIPPetrohemija (76.68 billion dinars)
  5. VIPMobile (65.66 billion dinars)

(Blic, 19.10.2017)

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