Serbian companies generated 437.2bln profit in 2017

For the third consecutive year, companies in Serbia have been recording increased profit, which, in 2017 amounted to 437.2 billion dinars cumulatively and has more than doubled compared to the previous year, when it stood at 187.4 billion dinars. A total of 1,073,557 workers were employed in all these companies, 34,456 more than last year.

“The high profitability of the businesses in 2017 was achieved thanks to an increase in net profit by 32% to RSD 666.6 billion, but also a decrease in net loss by 27.8% to RSD 229.4 billion – said Ruzica Stamenkovic, registrar at the Register of Financial Statements.

She pointed out that companies in Serbia had been realizing profit for the third year in a row, but that the growth had slowed down in 2017 compared to a year before, standing at 4.8%, as opposed to 26.1% in 2016.

The biggest profit was generated in the processing industry – RSD 157 billion, and this sector also had the biggest number of employees340,923.

Public companies, 576 of them, have been operating with profit in the past three years, with the profit amounting to RSD 29 billion in 2017, twice as much as in 2016. Of these, 421 public companies recorded a net profit, whereas 135 reported net losses.

There were 1,979 fewer workers in public companies last year, bringing the number of employees down to a total of 118,115.

(Politika, eKapija, 24.04.2018)



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