Serbian companies and university make state-of-the-art robotic hand

HTEC Group and Sigmoid have successfully made a state-of-the-art robotic hand with touch-sensors in cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš.

The project was financed by the Republic of Serbia’s Innovation Fund, under the auspices of the science-business cooperation programme.

The robotic hand is designed to be just as movable and flexible as a human hand, with sophisticated catching characteristics. It is intended for use in automated warehouses and industrial production and has a wide range of applications in repetitive and human-hazardous activities.

“What makes this robotic hand different from similar products out there is its sensitivity, adaptability and reliability in catching and handling objects of the widest variety of shapes, sizes and weights – from something as fragile as an egg to bulky, hard objects of up to seven kilogrammes – without dropping, breaking, or crushing them,” the press release says.

This is one of the most affordable robotic hands of this kind of complexity and characteristics, which makes this product very attractive on the global market.

The idea was realized in less than two years from the project launch in 2019, with limited financial funds at that.

The idea for the project came from Mirko Raković, PhD, an associate Robotics Professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and a co-owner of Sigmoid, an experienced researcher and expert in robotics.

(eKapija, 10.03.2022)

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