Serbian citizens would be happy to have a salary of 600 euro, Croats of 1,300 euro

The citizens of Serbia would be satisfied with an average salary of 600 euro, while on the other hand, the citizens of Croatia would be happy with twice as much, 1,300 euro.

These are the results of an extensive regional survey on people’s job expectations, conducted by the website Jobs.infostud during the recent regional online job fair.

The survey involved 4,000 respondents from the region and just over 1,500 people from Serbia: 43% with a job, the same percentage of unemployed and 14% of those still in training.

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An interesting fact is that the unemployed respondents expect on average about 100 euro less in salary than those already employed.

The same difference of about 100 euro was observed in the expectations of male respondents compared to women since women also expect lower average earnings, reports Tanjug.

Respondents from four countries in the region agree that interpersonal relationships and salary are the most important factors in choosing a job. This year, in Serbia, salary occupies second place among the most important factors in job selection, followed by working hours and the opportunity to learn and build a career.

According to the research results, almost 70% of Serbian citizens would like to change jobs next year, only 9% would not, and one in four will decide to do so only if forced.

About 47% of the respondents in Serbia are not afraid of losing their jobs, 24% say they are worried, while 29% do not think about these things at all.

(Politika, 07.11.2019)


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