Serbian citizens’ thoughts on climate change

More than 90% of people in Serbia believe that climate change is the greatest global challenge and that we need to use all available procedures and technological tools in the fight against climate change.

In addition, the majority of respondents recognise the impact of climate change on their daily lives and express concern about the impact of these changes on the future of the place where they live, according to the latest research conducted by Centar za Unapređenje Životne Sredine (The Environmental Protection Advancement Centre).

93% of the respondents believe that human activities are the most important cause of climate change, and more than three quarters completely refute the opinion that Serbia is one of the leading countries in the fight against climate change, believing that not enough is being done about the problem.

5.4% of the respondents do not believe in scientific data on climate change, and it is interesting that among men (7.6%) those who do not believe in scientific data is twice as high as among women (3.6%). Only 20% of respondents think that the air has always been polluted. Almost 3/4 of the respondents totally disagree with this claim (54.2%) and 21.2% disagree in part.

According to the survey respondents, the four most common consequences of climate change in Serbia are air pollution (67.1%), temperature increase (58.3%), extreme weather conditions (43.8%) and decrease in the quality and quantity of water resources (42.1%). It should be noted that air pollution is not a consequence of climate change, but is certainly directly related, as more than 70% of energy in Serbia comes from the process of burning fossil fuels.

The majority of the survey participants (57.7%) is aware of and acknowledge their responsibilities, but they also believe that the government (74.8%), the Ministry of the Environment (44.8%) and businesses (44.65%) have great responsibilities in the fight against climate change.

(Euractive, 02.11.2021)


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