Serbian citizens might be allowed to travel to Greece earlier than announced

Many Serbian citizens are eagerly waiting for Greece to announce the opening of its borders to foreign tourists before the official deadline, which seems to be the case soon.

Namely, Greece is in a hurry to save the tourist season, which was especially affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Professionals in the tourism sector are eagerly awaiting official statements regarding security measures and incentives, in order to start working, open the season and cut their losses as much as possible.

So, when will Greece open its borders to foreign tourists?

What is certain, at least for now, is that Greece will open its doors to foreign tourists on July 1, as the Prime Minister of that country, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced last week. However, Greek media say the borders could be opened before that date.

“The Greek government has decided to open the Greek borders to tourists from the European Union, the Schengen area and Israel by July 1, maybe even earlier, in mid-June,” the media reported, citing government sources.

Greek health authorities have already approved government plans to open borders to foreign tourists. The date will be decided by the Prime Minister of Greece, according to the Keeptalkinggreece website.

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If the Prime Minister decides on an earlier date, it means that seasonal accommodation will also be allowed to open before July 1. According to the latest news, accommodation reservations will be possible from June 8.

It also seems that. after the borders open, foreign travellers will not have to provide a negative test for COVID-19  because, according to the aforementioned website, the European Commission recently recommended that countries should avoid discriminating against travellers in any way.

Optimistic estimates say that 7-8 million tourists will spend their vacation in Greece, which is significantly less compared to 34 million in 2019.

On Tuesday night, the head of civil protection, Nikos Hardalias, announced that the islands would open on May 25. In other news, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia have agreed to facilitate travel with Greece as of June 1.

(B92, 20.05.2020)



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