Serbian citizens don’t understand the benefits of EU membership; many EU stereotypes are still cultivated in the country

People in Serbia do not always understand the advantages of the European Union membership and the benefits of the bloc’s standards, because of the prejudices about the EU are often deliberately spread, the participants in the first debate ‘EU Closer to Citizens – What Is the EU for You?’ said on Tuesday.

The coordinator of the EU National Convention, Natasa Dragojlovic told the online debate, a part of the ‘EU Talks 2.0’ series, that it was clear that people in Serbia did not understand the path of EU accession enough.

However, she added it was not because of the complicated process.

“At the same time, the number of those who are not sure whether they would vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ if there was a referendum on joining the EU now. There are many people who are undecided, those who do not know, who are confused, and the information disseminated by the media is contradictory “, Dragojlovic said.

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She added people ask logical questions about the EU, just as the citizens in the EU wanted to know about the future of the Union.

Dusko Radosavljevic, professor at the Novi Sad Faculty of Law and Business Studies, said there was the unwillingness in Serbia to invest in knowledge about the EU.

He added that “there are conscious attempts to neutralise everything positive about the EU” and that state policy encourages stereotypes like that it will endanger our national identity, language, public interest, relations with someone. “

“On the one hand, there is a will to join the EU, and on the other, some things are done contrary to that, because once in the EU, everyone will have to respect the European values – both the state and the citizens,” Radosavljevic said.

(N1, 01.09.2020)




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