Serbian cities to become smart cities soon?

The Serbian government’s Information Technology and eGovernment Office has launched the tender for the procurement of software solutions and equipment for the purposes of establishing Smart Cities in several cities in Serbia.

According to the tender’s terms and conditions, the subject of the procurement is the delivery and implementation of a platform for smart cities which is harmonized with European standards and trends in the Smart City segment, based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, but which also supports other modern communications technologies, collects information in real-time, analyzes the collected information and takes adequate actions based on the results.

The delivery and implementation of the platform are envisaged in several phases, and the first phase entails the acquisition of services related to smart lighting, smart parking and monitoring of air quality, a Smart City website, a service for notifying public transport users and service of adaptive traffic management.

Furthermore, the subject of the tender is services for reporting incidents, monitoring of weather conditions, monitoring of floods and sewer collectors, waste management services, services related to standard and thermal-vision aircraft control, pedestrian safety services and the service measuring noise levels.

The tender is valued at 1.25 billion dinars (around EUR 10.5 million).

It deadline for submission of bids is July 11, and more about the tender can be found HERE.

(eKapija, 12.06.2022)



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