Serbian Chamber of Commerce to launch e-commerce platform

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce will launch the Click 3 electronic platform in September this year, intended for all businesses, both buyers and suppliers. Electronic trading via this platform will be cheaper and procurement will be simpler.

In Serbia, there are currently about 360 online retailers, which officially generate an annual turnover of around nine billion dinars. It is estimated that the value of the actual sales via the Internet, which includes the gray zone, is also ten times higher.

“This platform is a great opportunity for our companies”, says Sava Savic, Assistant Minister of Trade and Tourism. “The most famous online shopping platform Amazon has a greater value than all other sales channels put together”, Savic adds.

The huge potential of this platform lies in the fact that the state authorities, as one of the largest contractors, will be able to procure on it. The platform will be regulated by new act which the Ministry of Trade has drafted, i.e. the Electronic Document, Electronic Identification and Trusted Services in Electronic Commerce Act. In the third quarter of this year, the National Parliament is expected to adopt a new law on trade and amendments to the Law on Postal Services.

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Companies, members of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, will publish catalogues of their products on the platform, and buyers will be able to search the platform with the help of several parameters such as prices, region, product. … Payments would be made electronically and would the invoices.


“Via this platform, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce provides its members with a new channel for the placement of their goods and services, and gives companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to attract more customers and users without having to set aside additional funds for marketing and promotion, while customers will have a complete offer in one place and complete control of the process and the costs”, said Predrag Nikolic, Advisor to the Chamber’s President.

(Vecernje Novosti, 16.06.2018)



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