Serbian Chamber of Commerce opens Covid-19 info line for companies

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID 19) crisis, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) has launched a new, specialized service for companies where they can obtain information about all the key questions regarding the coronavirus-related operations in the country and abroad, the impact on individual sectors and the latest developments, official recommendations and measures.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Marko Cadez, invited companies to address the CCIS through the new info service and get information and recommendations for protecting their business and adapting to the new conditions of doing business and the current measures.

“Companies can obtain information regarding transport, materials, supply, export and import from the most affected markets, participation in trade fairs, recommendations for doing business for the currently most affected sectors and advice on how to reorganize the logistics. The aim is to give support to companies and to provide common solutions to reduce the impact on companies’ operations and Serbia’s economy as a whole due to the coronavirus outbreak,” Cadez said.

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He adds that the CCIS is communicating with the representatives of the Government of Serbia, the line ministries, institutions and international business associations and organizations daily, through the network of chambers of commerce, to help companies overcome the challenges and reduce the negative impact of the coronavirus epidemic on their business and bilateral economic relations with foreign partners.

Companies can send their questions to .

For additional information and reports, call 0800 808 809.

(Danas, 12.03.2020)



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