Serbian army loses thousands of professional soldiers every year

The Serbian Army Union has warned that “due to poor working conditions, almost 10,000 trained professionals have left the Army in the last five years, and the state of the armed forces’ operational human resources is completely different from what government and military leaders present on official occasions”.

At a meeting between Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Defence Minister Nebojša Stefanović with Chief of Staff Milan Mojsilović, the Military Union said it welcomed any kind of modernisation and new equipment for the army, but added that it would be “happier” if the state authorities focused on bettering the army’s human resources in the coming period.

“Years ago, we appealed to the state authorities to change their attitude as an employer towards the professional members of the Serbian army, but instead of discussing improving the situation with our representatives, soldiers continue to be mistreated and labelled as enemies of the state, which is absurd,” the Army’s press release reads.

The Army estimates that the armed forces in previous years have been “completely devastated and demoralised” and that today they are “in such a state that seriously jeopardizes the functioning of the Serbian army and its fundamental constitutional role”.

“We have to be honest with the Serbian public, and in particular with the state leadership: aircraft, tanks and all other war equipment are useless without personnel,” the army’s union has said, urging the Serbian President to respond to their request to talk and hear what their priority needs are.

President Vučić had earlier stated that “everyone in the region has been increasing their army capacities” which is why the Serbian government will provide additional optoelectronic devices for the Serbian army, especially for night combat, as well as modernize the Air Force, air defence and infantry units.

(Bizlife, 15.07.2021)



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