Serbian Army delegation on its way to visit Jasenovac banned from entering Croatia

A Serbian Army delegation, consisting of the Military Academy’s officers, as well as the cadets of the Military Gymnasium, was barred from entering Croatia, the Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS) reported citing the statement of the Defence Ministry.

According to RTS, the delegation was supposed to attend the ceremony marking the Day of Jasenovac New Martyrs (the WWII victims) and its arrival was previously announced at the official level.

But, the delegation members were stopped at the Batrovci-Bajakovo border crossing and were subjected to control.

Their luggage contained official uniforms which, according to the Ministry, was allowed and in line with the service regulations, but Croatia’s border officers said they could not take it into the country.

Although Serbian Army’s representatives said they were ready to leave the uniforms and resume the trip in civilian clothing, the border officers told them that was not the reason for the entry ban and that that they would not be allowed to enter Croatia anyway, after which they were sent back to Serbia.

President Aleksandar Vucic said he had no special comment on the matter and added that he understood that Croatians were not willing to remember their past and what had happened in WWII.

(N1, 07.09.2019)






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