Serbian and Kosovar chambers of commerce to meet on Thursday to discuss removing trade obstacles

The first meeting of the chambers of commerce of Serbia and Kosovo on overcoming administrative barriers in economic cooperation will be held on Thursday, March 30, in Skopje, announced the Chamber of Commerce of North Macedonia (PKSM).

That meeting will “take place in the established dynamics” in order to resolve as quickly as possible all disputed issues related to the administrative barriers that hinder economic cooperation between Serbia and Kosovo.

In a press release, PKSM also stated that the reconciliation of disputed issues in the trade between Serbia and Kosovo is “an extremely important economic, but also political issue, because it can lead to the normalization of relations between these two countries, as a new step forward in relations that have been strained for decades”.

The Chamber also noted that there are already signed agreements that should provide the basis and instruments for a significant boost in competitiveness, economic cohesion and connectivity of the entire Western Balkans.

In order to eliminate all the shortcomings that occur in trade, “now is the right time to take wise steps in the direction of intensifying regional integration and trade cooperation, which will ensure the economic prosperity of both countries, but also of the Western Balkans as a whole,” said the PKSM.

(N1, 29.03.2023)

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