Serbian ambassadors chosen for their political affiliations, not diplomatic skills

Following the Serbian President’s decree, Jelena Milic, director and founder of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies, was appointed as the new Serbian ambassador to Croatia, while a senior official from the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Zarko Obradovic, was appointed head the Permanent Serbian Mission to the OSCE.

Experts say that those appointments are the result of political loyalty and constitute a lack of respect for the diplomatic profession, because both Milic and Obradovic don’t have the required diplomatic experience.

“Ms. Milic has obviously done a good job lately, considering that not so long ago, she was a great opponent and critic of the current political regime. Now, she is suddenly qualified to be a diplomat in Zagreb. I wish Serbia all the best with Milic as its ambassador to Croatia,” said former Serbian ambassador to France, Radomir Diklić.

Milic is remembered as a bitter opponent of nationalist politics from the 1990s and as the director of a non-governmental organization with a strong NATO orientation.

In recent years, during her public appearances, she has been quite supportive of Aleksandar Vucic.

(N1, 17.03.2022)


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