Serbian ambassador spent over EUR 9,000 on business lunches in January and February this year

Serbian Ambassador to Cyprus Marko Blagojevic spent over EUR 9,000 in January and February of this year on lunches with representatives of the Yugoimport SDPR Company who were in Nicosia at the time, Nova has learned.

Blagojevic was warned by the Department of Financial Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he spent much more money on business expenses than anticipated. He was given eight days to submit proof and invoices on what the money was spent on.

Blagojevic wrote that in that period, people from the Serbian state company Yugoimport SDPR, which is engaged in the arms trade, came to Cyprus on several occasions, and that he took them to lunches and paid with the Embassy’s money, ​i.e. Serbian taxpayers’ money.

“Blagojevic stated that the representatives of SDPR stayed there several times and that they discussed the matters that are closely related to state affairs which is his justification for spending so much money,” an unnamed source told Nova’s reporters.

However, SDPR is a large company that has a huge budget and it is unusual for it to let the Embassy pay for the company’s business expenses.

“There is no justification for this and it remains to be seen whether he (Blagojevic) will be penalized for squandering state’s money,” the source of Nova points out, adding that Blagojevic had to ask Serbian Foreign Ministry for permission to spend that money providing the amount exceeds EUR 200.

(Nova, 21.07.2021)


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