Serbia will lift the moratorium on construction of nuclear power plants

Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that the moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants would be lifted.

The President said on Prva TV that, in 2050, the consumers in Serbia would use four times more electricity compared to the present time.

“It would be the best to build a classic nuclear power plant, but we don’t have 20 billion euros to do that. The Hungarians are building a nuclear power plant worth 12 billion with Rosatom. It takes ten years to build one nuclear plant”, said Vucic.

“We are just about managing to provide regular electricity supply because the needs of the consumers are growing when it comes electricity, gas and oil”, Vucic noted.

He added that additional gas storage needed to be built and that he would urge the Russians not to procrastinate their decision to allow additional gas storage built in Cestereg or Itebej, from which Serbia already takes natural gas.

He went on to say that the construction of an oil pipeline in the direction of Hungary has to be finished in 2024. Furthermore,  Vucic said that the American company UGTR would install solar panels, with a 1,000 megawatt capacity in six locations in Serbia, but that they would be able to generate power only if air temperature exceeds 35 degrees Celsius, so not in winter.

Speaking about the country’s economy, the Serbian president said that, up till March 20, Serbia had received 1.17 billion euros in foreign direct investments, “which is an absolute record for our country”.

(eKapija, 25.03.2024)

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