Serbia will have to pay more for oil after the EU sanctions Russia

The new package of sanctions against Russia, voted by the EU member states yesterday, also includes the limitation of the price of crude oil that Russia exports to non-EU countries.

At Croatia’s insistence, the eighth-sanction-package also included Serbia, which will no longer be able to import Russian oil via the Adriatic pipeline ‘JANAF’, i.e. from the Omišalj terminal on the island of Krk to the refineries in Novi Sad and Pančevo.

“Despite the fact that the European Commission’s proposal included an exception for the JANAF pipeline as well, from which Serbia could have profited, Croatia and several other member states ensured that the proposal was not approved because it was concluded that there is no justification for it,” according to Croatian media.

For this reason, Serbia will have to resort to other ways of obtaining crude oil, which will certainly influence the price increase.

(Politika, 06.10.2022)


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