Serbia votes in favour of expelling Russia from the UN Human Rights Council

At the request of Western countries, the UN General Assembly voted to exclude Russia from the UN Human Rights Council because of its invasion of Ukraine.

A total of 93 countries, including Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, voted in favour, 24 against and 58 abstained. Russian officials have repeatedly denied that there have been attacks on civilians in Ukraine.

A total of 193 members of the UN General Assembly were asked to vote for or against, abstentions were not taken into account. US Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield argues that Russia should not be on the UN Human Rights Council because it could use the body as a propaganda tool to voice human rights concerns.

“Every day we see Russia’s lack of interest in human rights. Russia’s participation in the UN Human Rights Council is a farce. This damages the credibility of the Council and the UN as a whole,” she added.

The text of the US resolution that was voted on states that the UN General Assembly can suspend the right of a country to be a member of the UN Human Rights Council if that country commits gross and systematic human rights violations.

(Danas, 07.04.2022)

Photo credits: “EPA-EFE/JASON SZENES”



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