Serbia to stop using classic light bulbs by 2020

Light bulbs with glowing filaments will no longer be in use in Serbia as of late 2020, Belgrade daily Blic quotes Assistant Energy Minister Milos Banjac as saying on Thursday.

“Light bulbs with filaments use five times more energy than neon lights and 10 times more than LED bulbs. This decision will have a significant impact on energy efficiency,” Banjac told a meeting on energy efficiency and use of electricity.  

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He said that new regulations would also ban the use of some energy-inefficient products which imports would also be reduced. Banjac added the government would set up a national Energy Efficiency Fund by the end of the year as a condition for Serbia to get funding from the European Union.  

“We are planning to get some 30 million euro for the Fund. We now have about 10 million and expect to get another 10 million from the EU. The funds will be directed towards the population unlike the 1.5 million in budget funds which were directed towards local communities for schools, hospitals and kindergartens,” he said.

Earlier estimates done by Philips, a leading light bulb manufacturer, show that consumers will save 124 euro a year by switching from halogen to LED bulbs. Experts point out that halogen bulbs are cheaper than LEDs, but that electricity costs are much higher during the first year of use of a LED bulb. Halogen bulbs also last for two years on average while the expected life span of LEDs is 15 to 20 years. In addition, LED bulbs are less harmful in terms of the environment.

(, 25.07.2019)




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