Serbia to stop exporting cooking oil, wheat, corn and flour as of tomorrow

“The Serbian government will subsidize the cost of fuel at the NIS petrol stations for farmers and the fuel price for them will continue to be 179 dinars per litre for at least one month. For others, there will be a minimum increase of two dinars. The government will pay 20% of the total excise tax in order to stabilize prices thus preventing excessive inflation and preserving the country’s macroeconomic stability. And we will keep the price of electricity at the lowest level in Europe”, said Aleksandar Vučić, President of Serbia, during his guest appearance on the B92 TV last night.

According to him, the EU is expected to make its decision regarding energy imports today. As he said, if the EU decides to ban the import of all types of fuel from Russia, that will be a big problem for Serbia. To circumvent this, the biggest Serbian oil company, NIS, is already looking to import oil from third countries.

Vučić also said that the government has decided to reduce customs duties in order to be able to import crude oil from third countries and ensure full market supply. The Serbian President is skeptical that Russia and Ukraine will reach truce soon and adds that the Russian offensive is undoubtedly stronger than in the previous three days.

As he pointed out, in the last 24 hours, huge changes took place that will have consequences for Serbia as well, since the United States has banned the import of curde oil, gas and coal from Russia. Vučić added that, as of Thursday, Serbia wills stop exporting cooking oil, wheat, corn and flour. “We are keeping the dinar exchange rate stable so that inflation will not deviate from the projected one,” he concluded.

(Danas, 08.03.2022)


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