Serbia to model after Israel in terms of opening the country

Cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating areas have recently re-opened and come the weekend, the government Crisis Response Team is expected to make a decision on the reopening of shopping centres and the return of older students to school.

According to Blic daily, epidemiologists believe that the opening of the economy should be gradual in line with the number of newly infected and revaccinated people and that it would be modelled after Israel. According to estimates, shopping centres should be opened first, which have priority, then indoor areas of restaurants, while stadiums and cinemas will wait for herd immunity and higher number of revaccinated people.

Normal life in Serbia will not be possible until the economy is completely open. Although masks and epidemiological measures will continue, we are approaching the moment when our lives will more or less resemble the time before the virus, experts say.

As the epidemiological curve flattens, the chances are that catering establishments that have no outdoor seating area will be allowed to open and that fewer restrictions will be applied to the number of people allowed in cinemas and theatres at one time.

“In terms of easing the measures, we are in a situation where we can suppress the virus. It would be tragic to make a mistake out of impatience. The situation is still difficult and the hospitals full. The virus has fooled us several times, when we thought there wouldn’t be another peak,” a member of the Crisis Response Team, Predrag Kon said.

Theatres and cinemas currently work part-time and with limited capacity due to compliance with epidemiological measures, while arenas and stadiums are empty because matches are played without an audience. According to the Israeli model, this may soon change.

So far, Israel has vaccinated almost two-thirds of its population, i.e. more than 5.2 million people, of whom 4.8 million have been revaccinated. This has allowed the country to reduce the number of patients from 10,000 a day to 300-400. That is why life in Israel has already returned to normal.

First to re-open in Israel were shopping centres, shops and museums which still had to comply with epidemiological measures, while only people who have the so-called green pass can access gyms, swimming pools, sports and cultural events.

These are ‘privileges’ that are only given to those people who have been revaccinated or have recovered from the virus. As this method has proved successful and has led to a decline in the number of newly infected people, the authorities have allowed more people to attend sporting and cultural events, providing they have green passes.

The economy has almost completely opened up. Furthermore, in recent days, media have been reporting about people partying in bars and clubs, but only those who, again, possess the green pass.

(B92, 07.04.2021)

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