Serbia to get 65 million euro for digitization of schools

“The signing of a new financial agreement stipulating digitization and the introduction of high-speed Internet in elementary and high schools in Serbia can be expected immediately after the formation of the new government,” said Dubravka Negre, head of the Regional Office for the Western Balkans of the European Investment Bank (EIB), which will allocate € 65 million for this purpose.

“Teachers will be trained on how to use electronic equipment installed in schools, and the Internet will be installed in all schools in Serbia and most of the classrooms will have Internet access. There is also talk about providing smart whiteboards, tablets, computers and IT software that should be installed in schools so that children can use the latest technologies in education, “said Negre.

She added that the importance of acquiring education with the help of technology was demonstrated especially during the pandemic.

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As soon as the pandemic began, the European Bank prepared a support package for new investment projects in the Western Balkans region for a value of 1.7 billion euro, mainly aimed at the health sector.

“However, this support is also for the financial sector; mainly to make funds available for small and medium-sized enterprises to be spent towards liquidity, working capital, new investments if needed and everything that businesses need to recover”, concluded Negre.

(Nova, 28.09.2020)

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