Serbia to ban import of cars that are excessive pollutants

The Serbian government is considering banning the import of vehicles with Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines, as well as cars that are older than 10 years. The Minister of Environmental Protection, Goran Trivan, announced that the import of old cars with engines of the Euro 3 standard would soon be banned in Serbia.

“By doing so, we are making an impact on the quality of the environment we live in. I am going to personally pursue the initiative to ban the import of the oldest vehicles with a Euro 3 engine,” he said, according to the Tanjug news agency.

Trivan said that his ministry and the government of Serbia were considering the possibility of banning the import of the cars with the worst engines from early next year, i.e. those with the Euro 3 and Euro 4 engine standards, as well as cars older than 10 years.

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The Minister also added that the relevant data showed that over 50% of all imported vehicles are over 11 years old and that they have the Euro 3 category engine or diesel engine.

Increasing supervision

“We have to take the statistical data seriously. And we will not give up on finding a solution for those vehicles that are the biggest pollutants, “added Trivan.

When asked what would happen with such vehicles that were already being driven in Serbia, the minister said that those vehicles cannot be banned.

“But, when it comes to registration, we can introduce tougher control of those vehicles and properly measure their gas emission,” Trivan went to say.

“When we are able to measure the quantity of exhaust gases that are harmful, then it does not matter how old is the vehicle, “said Trivan. When asked was that not done now, the minister said that there were no technical capacities to do it.

(Kamatica, 26.03.2019)



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