Serbia the most polluted country in Europe

Serbia has been ranked 1st in Europe and 9th in the world in terms of pollution, the Global Alliance for Health and Pollution (GAHP) said in its latest report.

The report said that 175 people per 100,000 die of the consequences of pollution in Serbia every year. The report also said that in 2017, 12,317 people died of pollution-related causes, 9,902 of them because of air pollution, 1,366 of lead poisoning and 37 from polluted water.  

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The head of Belgrade’s City Pulmonary diseases and Tuberculosis Institute Dejan Zujovic MD told Blic daily that pollution levels earlier this week in Novi Beograd were “incompatible with healthy living conditions”, adding that the authorities should have banned all traffic coming from that part of the city.

Commenting on allegations that pollution has a more devastating impact in Serbia than in India, Zujovic says that this is not surprising since there are no institutions dealing with pollution in Serbia.

In terms of harmful effects due to pollution, ahead of Serbia, which ranked 9th, are Chad, the Central African Republic, North Korea, Niger, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan and Somalia, and just behind Serbia, in the tenth place, is India.

(Danas, 09.01.2020)





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