Serbia in talks with IMF about new arrangement

The officials of the National Bank of Serbia have met with the IMF mission in Belgrade to discuss a new programme that excludes financial assistance. The talks between the two financial institutions will last until Friday.

Apart from the NBS Governor, Jorgovanka Tabakovic, the meeting was also attended by the Serbian Finance Minister, Dusan Vujovic.

IMF spokesman, Gerry Rice said last week that the IMF team was coming to Belgrade to begin negotiations about the new programme called Policy Coordination Instrument (PCI).

“We expect the negotiations to continue in the coming months,” Rice said according to a transcript from a press conference published on the IMF’s official website.

“PCI is a new instrument, designed to provide a framework policy for countries that do not require financial support from the IMF,” explained Rice.

IMF representative expects the talks to continue over the upcoming months. On 22nd February, Serbia successfully completed a three-year arrangement with the IMF, which entailed per-need financial support in the amount of around EUR 1.2 billion, which Serbia did not use. The IMF’s estimate was that Serbia had successfully carried out the economic programme, including fiscal consolidation measures.

(RTS, eKapija, 12.03.2018)

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