Serbia still considered an investment location for Volkswagen

Following the news published by the German agency DPA that Volkswagen has narrowed down the choice of countries where the company might build a new factory to Bulgaria and Turkey, Leslie Bothge, the spokesperson for production and procurement at Volkswagen, still stands by her earlier statement that the German giant has not yet decided whether or where to build a car plant in Southeast Europe.

She also said that there was no news regarding the choice of the location of the new factory.

Bothge has confirmed that nothing had changed from the statement she gave two weeks ago. She said, at the time, that Volkswagen was still in a stage of putting together its requirements regarding the factory location and looking into potential locations in Eastern Europe.

According to earlier unofficial information, Volkswagen’s choice is between Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and North Macedonia.

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Several media reported that the company planned to invest EUR 1.4 billion in the facility that would have been opened by 2023, as well as employ 5,000 workers there and produce 300,000 cars a year.

The German Ambassador to Serbia, Thomas Schieb said several days ago that there was no news regarding the potential arrival of Volkswagen to Serbia and that the decision had not been made as yet.

“I hope that the decision will be in favour of Serbia,” Schieb was quoted as saying.

According to DPA, Volkswagen’s Supervisory Board is due to discuss the location of the new factory after Easter and the decision is supposed to be made in November this year.

(B92, 16.04.2019)

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