Serbia to sign a new agreement with FRONTEX 

The European Union Council gave the go-ahead for an agreement with Serbia on Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency), a press release said on Thursday.

“The agreement will allow the EU and Serbia to organise joint operations involving Frontex and the Serbian border guards. It also means that Frontex border management teams can be deployed in Serbia, and will allow Frontex to assist Serbia in managing migratory flows, countering illegal immigration and tackling cross-border crime,” the press release said.

It said that the new agreement will replace the current status agreement between the EU and Serbia which only allows joint operations at Serbia’s border with the EU, based on old regulations. Under the new regulation on Frontex, the agency can assist agreement signatory countries throughout their territory and can exercise executive powers, such as border checks and registration of persons.

Frontex has border management cooperation agreements in place with Moldova (2022), North Macedonia (2023), Montenegro (2023) and Albania (2024).

The news comes after head of the Hungarian Border Policing Department Balazs Laszlo confirmed that a 28-strong Hungarian police contingent has been dispatched to Serbia to continue the country’s work on preventing illegal migration.

“It is our obligation to prevent illegal migrants from entering our country and the territory of the European Union, so we closely cooperate with the relevant authorities of neighbouring countries”, the Hungarian police official website quoted Laszlo.

(Al-Jazeera Balkans, 30.05.2024)

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