Serbia settles EUR 850 million of old debt

Serbia paid 100 billion dinars (around 850mln euros) of old debt on Thursday, the Ministry of Finance has confirmed to Tanjug.

The Ministry also confirmed that the current budget balance is 287bln dinars and that Serbia was completely financially liquid and fulfilling its financial obligations in a timely manner.

In a statement earlier this year, Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said Serbia had sufficient funds to meet all its obligations, including an external debt accounting for about 30 pct of the total debt for 2023, or around 184bln dinars.

In terms of settling the remaining debts, one of the biggest is the money owed to the Paris Club of Creditors related to the debt consolidation from 2001, of which EUR 197.36 million is due, and the payment of EUR 62.50 million for Eurobonds issued on the foreign financial market in 2019, which needs to be paid until 2029.

The state also needs to pay a part of a consolidation loan it got from the World Bank 20 years ago, in the amount of EUR 41.76 million. There is also a Chinese loan from 2014 for Project Kostolac B thermal power plant – Phase II of which EUR 33.13 million is due and another Chinese loan from 2011 of which EUR 32 million is due to be paid. Plus, the state needs to settle a part of the loan for the construction of the Obrenovac-Ljig section of the E-763 motorway – EUR 25.46 million.

The World Bank also granted Serbia a loan in 2009 for the construction of Corridor of which an instalment of EUR 23.08 million is due soon. There is another loan instalment that needs to be settled soon and that is the Chinese loan for the Railway Modernization Project for the Belgrade Centre-Stara Pazova railroad section, granted in 2017, of which EUR 22.64 million is due.

Another instalment of the consolidation loan in the amount of EUR 22.15 million, granted by the World Bank in 2001, is due shortly.

(, 27.01.2023)

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