Serbia seems a good solution for Western companies operating in Russia

An increasing number of Western European companies, operating in Russia or Ukraine, are temporarily relocating to other countries due to the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, with Serbia being one of the most popular choices for relocation.

Milić Djoković, a real estate agent of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, told Tanjug news agency that Serbia is convenient for Western companies as a transit variant because from here they can operate normally.

“That is why they choose us as an intermediate solution, until further notice,” Djoković says and adds that everything still boils down to research and evaluation of opportunities that Serbian offers.

“The owners of commercial premises are still not ready to short-term rent, say, expensive business premises just for 15 days, a month or two. This is simply not how they operate and their goal is to have long-term tenants, not the ones that would leave the premise after 20 days or a month or two,” he explains.

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He also says that companies that are looking for commercial premises usually come from Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland and most of them are from the IT, energy, agriculture sectors. “They are looking for quality business premises with good infrastructure, ample parking space and the like. IT companies need mostly houses, where there are also restrooms, entertainment facilities and similar,” Djoković says and adds that all companies require a fast Internet connection too.

Djoković underlines that the number of companies willing to temporarily relocate to other countries will mainly depend on how long the conflict in Ukraine will last and whether the crisis will end soon. “If the war lasts for a considerable period of time, and we hope it will not, then there will be a need for quality business premises, with good infrastructure and ancillary facilities,” he concludes.

(Bizlife, 27.03.2022)


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