Serbia second in Europe in terms of prices of electronic devices

Comparing the prices of goods and services in Serbia with the EU countries, they are mostly close to or below the European average. The only exception is electronic devices, i.e. electronic devices sold in Serbia are the most expensive in the region and second most expensive in Europe, after Iceland – the Eurostat data show.

The prices of goods and services in Serbia are at 57.6% of the same prices in the European Union, show the results of the research of the European Agency for Statistics, Eurostat. In Serbia, compared to the countries in the region, electronics are the most expensive (TVs, audiovisual devices, computers and computer equipment), and these prices are higher than the EU average in all countries except North Macedonia.

Electronics in Serbia are 16% more expensive than the EU average, while in Iceland, they are 22% more expensive. In all other countries, electronic devices can be purchased at lower prices.

Costs of electricity, gas and other types of fuel in the region are approximately equal to or half lower than the EU average. Consumer prices in Serbia are at the same level as in Albania but higher than in the rest of the region. Macedonian prices are half of the EU average, in Bosnia and Herzegovina 45% and in Montenegro 43%.

Prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages in Serbia are 80% of the EU average, alcohol and tobacco 62%, while prices of clothing and footwear are close to the EU average (around 93%). In the region, food, soft drinks, alcohol and tobacco are more expensive in Albania, while alcohol and tobacco in North Macedonia are the cheapest in Europe.

Restaurants and hotels in the region are 50% cheaper than the EU average, the cheapest being in North Macedonia and Albania and the most expensive in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Serbia, the prices of communication services are 73% of the EU average and in the region, they are more expensive only than in North Macedonia.

(, 27.06.2021)


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