Serbia received EUR 4.99bn in foreign remittances in 2023

According to the data collated by the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), last year, EUR 4.99 billion worth of foreign remittances arrived in Serbia, a slight drop from 2022 when this amount stood at EUR 5.02 billion.

The NBS also said the most money came from Germany (27 percent), Switzerland, (13 percent), Austria (10 percent), France (6 percent) and Croatia (5 percent).

In terms of currency structure, last year the vast majority of foreign remittances, i.e. 83.1 percent, was in euros, 7.7 percent in US dollars, 3.9 percent in Swiss francs and 5.3 percent in other currencies.

The National Bank added that the central bank uses the International Monetary Fund’s balance of payments methodology (BPM6), according to which remittances are categorized as personal transfers, which includes workers’ remittances, pensions and other social benefits, as well as financial aid and gifts from abroad, addressed to physical persons in Serbia.

(Politika, 18.03.2024)

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