Is Serbia ready for a female prime minister?

Great Britain, Scotland, Ukraine, India, Germany, and Croatia have all had female prime ministers. Is Serbia now ready to join their company and have the first ever woman PM?

The Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Ana Brnabic is one of the top choices for the position of the new Serbian prime minister. All the experts that we asked about this have unanimously said that the gender of the new prime minister was irrelevant. What was relevant was his or hers authority, capacity and charisma to successfully run the government.

If Sri Lanka (or the former Ceylon) broke this taboo in 1960, why couldn’t Serbia do the same half a century later? A professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences and political analyst, Zoran Stojiljkovic says that an authoritative environment, such as Serbia, the gender of the new prime minister could be an issue, and add that, regardless, tough decisions should be made.

“Politics should not be about stereotypes. We need to boldly step into this kind of unselectiveness and the only criteria for choosing the PM should be whether that person was autonomous and responsible enough to run the government. The question that we should be mindful of in this matter is whether the future PM has enough authority to run the country, and not constantly underline gender differences and sexual orientation”, Stojiljkovic explains.

Sociologist Vladimir Vuletic says that Serbia is no longer the land of taboos, and adds that the country is finally ready for a female prime minister.

“As a society, we have overcome, or we should have already overcome these prejudices. Back at the time of the former Yugoslavia, we did have a female PM. It was Milka Planinc. Just look at Angela Merkel. She is one of the most successful German PMs ever. Women have absolutely the same capacity as men to be successful. I don’t think that we are a completely conservative society. There is a part of society that is backward, but I think that even they would not have a problem with having a lady as a prime minister. We already have female ministers, female CEOs”, Vuletic adds.

The latest survey conducted by Faktor Plus shows that minister Ana Brnabic was rated the second highest in terms of quality of her work, right after Aleksandar Vucic.

“Yes, two thirds of the electorate are rather conservative, and don’t think women and men are equal, but I think that Vucic is such leader that he can give a valid explanation for choosing a female PM, and communicate this with the electorate in a proper way. Generally speaking, Serbia is ready for a woman PM. We already have women as speakers of the National Assembly and government ministers who have been successfully doing their job. In the end, the decision on the new prime minister will not hinge on his or hers gender, but rather the interests of the ruling party, and the new prime minister’s capacity to cooperate well and to deliver what Vucic wants”, Bojan Klacar from the Free Elections and Democracy Centre concludes.

 (Blic, 04.06.2017)



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