Serbia ranks 71st out of 80 countries in quality of life

Serbia ranks 71st overall out of the listed 80 countries in quality of life, namely in the development level of the job market, political and economic stability, a well-developed healthcare and education system, and more, according to an analysis of the US News & World Report.

While Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Norway top of the list, Pakistan, Lebanon, Algeria and Iran are ranked the worst. 

For three consecutive years, Switzerland is at the very top in terms of the quality of life. The report says that this country “is consistently good in the perception of business-oriented metrics and quality of life”.

Over 20,000 researchers carried out the survey, which includes business leaders and citizens from 36 countries who rank a total of 80 countries according to 75 criteria, among others, quality of life, economic impact, power, education, ecological acceptability, cultural influence, openness to business, mobility, adventure and heritage.

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Japan recorded the biggest jump on the list this year, from the 5th place in 2018 to 2nd place. Japan’s global reputation has been enhanced in five categories.

France is again ranked in the first ten countries, primarily because of its cultural influence and heritage. Norway is a newcomer to this year’s list and is best ranked on child rearing conditions and “green, healthy life”. The United States maintained a stable ranking of being the 8th in the list and having the strongest influence in the world.

Of the countries in the region, Croatia was ranked 49th, Slovenia 53rd, Romania 58th and Bulgaria 63rd.

Serbia has the best ranking in the category of power – 46th. In this category, which includes both political and economic influence, strong international alliances and a strong army, the USA, Russia, China, Great Britain, Germany and France top the list, while Romania, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Croatia, Slovenia and Latvia are at the bottom. 

In the category of citizenship, which includes respect for human rights and the environment, gender equality, religious freedoms, etc., Serbia ranks 57th, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Finland and Denmark top the list, and Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Iran are ranked the worst. 

Serbia also takes the 58th position in the category of entrepreneurship, which includes connectivity to the world, education, development of infrastructure, innovativeness and more. The top-ranked countries are Germany, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, and while the bottom-ranked are Angola, Kazakhstan, Bolivia and Guatemala.

 In the category of adventures, which includes a pleasant climate, natural attractions and good nightlife, Serbia is at the number 64, while Brazil, Italy, Spain, Thailand and Greece top the list, in contrast to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, which are at the bottom. 

When it comes to heritage, which encompasses a rich history, great food, numerous cultural attractions and more, Serbia ranks 66th, while the top-ranked countries are Italy, Spain, Greece and France. Bahrain, Qatar, Angola and Ghana are at the bottom.

You can see the list here, and Serbia’s profile here.

(, 27.02.2019)


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