Serbia ranks 65th in the world in terms of internet speed

Serbia ranks 65th in the world in terms of internet speed, according to the latest research by, which tested broadband internet speed in 221 countries and territories in the world for a year.

According to the research results, in Serbia, it takes just under half an hour to download a movie of 5 GB size, and the average broadband Internet speed in the country is 24.74 Megabits per second (Mbps ).

Three years ago Serbia ranked 45th, but that doesn’t mean that the average internet speed is worse today, but rather that other countries have made significant progress. In 2017, the average internet speed in Serbia was 12.25 Mbps.

As for the region, Croatia takes 25th place, Romania is 26th, Bulgaria is 36th on the list and Montenegro is 63rd. The worst internet connection is in North Macedonia (109th), Kosovo (73rd) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (88th).

In terms of cable Internet price, Serbia ranked 27th, with an average package price of $ 17.02. In Romania, the cost is only 8.15 dollars, which ranks the country in 4th place. Bulgaria is in 23rd place ($ 15.93), while the Internet costs almost twice as much in Croatia as Serbia, which puts the latter in 65th place.

The Principality of Liechtenstein ranks first in terms of internet speed; here the movie download speed in less than three minutes and the average internet speed is 229.98 Mbps. Topping the list are many other small states like Jersey and Gibraltar. In addition to internet speed, these countries are also known as tax havens. Luxembourg and Monaco are also in the top ten.

The global chart of internet speeds for 2020 shows that Western Europe dominates, as eight of the ten countries with the fastest internet in the world are located in that part of the continent. Hungary (99.74 Mbps) and Hong Kong (105.32 Mbps) have made it to the top ten countries and territories outside of Western Europe.

The worst internet is in the poorest countries in Africa, averaging just 3.80 Megabits per second. The research also shows that China, while increasingly technologically advanced with its 5G cities, is not in a particularly good position when it comes to internet speed.

On average, it has a rather slow internet connection and it takes five and a half hours to download a 5 GB movie.

(eKapija, 09.09.2020)

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