Serbia ranks 56th in Forbes Best Countries for Business list

Serbia ranks 56th of 161 states in the Forbes Best Countries for Business list in 2019, with Slovenia (31) being the top-ranked former Yugoslav state, followed by Croatia (52), with Macedonia (68), Montenegro (72) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (98) ranked below Serbia.

As for other countries in the region, Albania is in the 74th place, while Hungary ranks 40th, followed by Romania (41), Greece (42) and Bulgaria (46).

For a second consecutive year, the UK tops the list, followed by Sweden, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and New Zealand, which rounds off the top five.

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It is interesting to note that the United States dropped by five positions, to the 17th place, due to, as Forbes magazine explains, the deterioration of personal, commercial and monetary freedoms in that world’s largest economy which value is set at 19.5 trillion dollars.

Forbes said that the “Best Countries for Business in 2019” ranking was based on 15 different criteria, including property rights, innovations, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom (personal, commercial and monetary), bureaucracy and investor protection. The criteria also included labor, infrastructure, market size, quality of life and risk.

The data used in the reports came from Freedom House, the Heritage Foundation, Property Rights Alliance, the United Nations Transparency International, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and others.

(Nedeljnik, 30.12.2018)


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