Serbia ranks 42nd on the list of the happiest countries in the world

Scandinavia is still the happiest place in the world because, according to the latest World Happiness Report, the three Scandinavian countries are ranked the top three on the list.

Despite the pandemic, the prevalence of happiness in the last year has not changed significantly compared to the previous years. According to the results of the traditional Gallup poll, combined with development indicators, the first three places on the list of the happiest countries in the world are occupied by Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Finland received a score of 7.89 (1-10 range).

The survey was conducted in the spring of 2020 after the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Switzerland improved its result by two places compared to 2019 and broke into fourth place. The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Austria are also among the top 10.

It is interesting that Germany jumped ten places compared to the previous report.

Of the countries outside the European continent, only New Zealand made it to the top 10, while Canada dropped to the fifteenth position. The United States climbed from 19th to 14th place.

In Asia, Taiwan is ranked best, in 19th place, and in Africa, Nigeria was the happiest country, ranking 59th.

Serbia is in 42nd place with a score of 6, and of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Croatia ranked the best (23rd place), with a score of 6.51 while Slovenia was 26th with a score of 6.46.

(Blic, 21.07.2021)



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