Serbia ranks 33rd in Perils of Perception global survey

The new Perils of Perception survey, conducted by IPSOS Mori, highlights how wrong people across 38 countries are about some key issues and features of the population in their country.

The survey included a total of 29,133 people who were quizzed on a variety of subjects – from terrorism, murder rate, and teenage pregnancy to the correlation between autism and vaccines, alcohol and sugar consumption and general health issues.

As it turns out, quite a few survey participants have demonstrated that they have a gross mis-perception about their own countries. For instance, when asked the population of which country consumes the most alcohol per person, Russia is seen as the booziest nation in the world, when actually they only rank 7th out of the 38 countries. Very few people pick out the actual top country, Belgium. Even Belgians are unlikely to pick themselves as the highest alcohol consumers. Only 5% do.

Also, six out of ten people see a correlation between autism and vaccines. Some countries, particularly Montenegro and India, have very high levels of belief in the claim.

In terms of nutrition habits, the USA is correctly seen as the most sugar consuming country, but some countries are mentioned despite being lower down the ranking, like Great Britain and France.

In terms of the overall ranking, i.e. which country is the most wrong in its perceptions, South Africa takes the lead, while the Swedish were deemed as having the most accurate perception of the world issues. Serbia ranks 33rd and Montenegro 34th.

(Nedeljnik, 08.02.2018)


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