Serbia ranks 27th among the most charitable countries in the world

Serbia is among the three countries, along with the Czech Republic and China, with the greatest progress in charitable work in 2021, the Foundation for the Support of Charitable Organisations announced today.

From the 48th position last year, the numerous good deeds of the country’s citizens and companies made the country jump to 27th place, out of a total of 119 countries that participated in the survey. Only five years ago, Serbia was ranked 132nd on this global charity list.

In 2021, Indonesia was the most charitable country, followed by Kenya, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Myanmar…In terms of the countries in the region, Bosnia and Herzegovina was ranked 42nd, Bulgaria was 54th, and Hungary was 62nd.

The global research agency Gallup conducts this kind of survey every year and measures three types of charitable behaviour – monetary donations (Serbia ranks 11th), helping unknown people (39th place) and volunteering for charitable causes (a low 116th place).

According to Gallup, 60 per cent of the total amount was donated by Serbian citizens, while the business sector donated 33 per cent. Looking at the structure of donation recipients, non-profit organisations dealing with humanitarian and social issues (41.6 per cent) come first, followed by individuals/families (32.7 per cent), public institutions (20.1 per cent) and local and national authorities (3.9 per cent).

The structure of end-users of donations convincingly puts people with health problems in the first place – as much as 65% of charitable actions were done in support of sick people, followed by users of local community services, socially vulnerable people, mothers and children, migrants, people with disabilities…

(Vesti Online, 23.09.2022)

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