Serbia ranked 100th in the world according to road quality

In the global competitiveness report for 2017 and 2018, that ranks the quality of world roads, Serbia occupies 100th position out of 137 countries covered by the report.

According to the report, the best roads are in the United Arab Emirates and their score is 6.4 points. The second place is Singapore, and the third is Switzerland. In both countries, road quality was given 6.3 points.

Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Japan, France, Portugal, Austria and the United States are among the top ten countries in the report.

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Serbia ranks 100th, with 3.2 points, while Croatia is the best ranked among the countries in the region, 19th with 5.5 points. Slovenia ranks 51th with 4.4 points, Montenegro is 88th with 3.5 points, while Bosnia Herzegovina is 109th.

The last place on the list is Mauritania which roads were given only two points. Equally bad roads are in Congo (2.1 points), Haiti (2.1 points), Madagascar (2.2 points), Guinea (2.2 points), Yemen (2.3 points), Paraguay (2.4 points), Ukraine (2.4 points), Mozambique (2.5 points), Moldova (2,5 points) and Nigeria (2.5 points).

(SeeBiz, 06.06.2018)

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