Serbia protests over Tesla’s image on Croatian euro coin

The president of the Association of Serbs in the Region, Miodrag Linta, believes that Serbia should protest to the European Union over Croatia’s scandalous decision to put the image of Nikola Tesla on Croatian 1 euro coin.

“This is one of the many shameful, perfidious and hypocritical attempts by Croatia to appropriate the famous Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, declare him Croatian and the greatest Croatian inventor, thus insistently denying the historical fact that Tesla was a Serb and that the whole world recognizes him as a Serb,” Linta said.

He underlined that Croatia “is constantly engaged in falsification of history and theft of the cultural and scientific heritage of the Serbian people, and has shamelessly stolen its scientists, writers, poets and artists.”

Linta says the facts show that Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Vojna Krajina, one of the provinces of the Habsburg monarchy where the Serbian people were in an overwhelming majority. Until its abolition in 1881, Krajina was under direct Austrian rule and at the time of Tesla’s birth had nothing to do with Croatia. Tesla’s father was an Orthodox priest and Nikola was baptized in the Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint Peter and Paul in Smiljan, while his mother Georgina was born into a family of a Serbian Orthodox priest, Nikola Mandić, and his wife Sofija Mandić, born Budisavljević.

Linta adds that the members of Croatian military formations allegedly destroyed the monument dedicated to Nikola Tesla in February 1992 in the town of Gospić, Croatia.

(Politika, 07.02.2022)


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