Serbia proposes visa-free regime with China

Serbian government is going to propose to China to abolish visas for the citizens of both countries while the Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic and the Chinese Ambassador to Serbia, Li Manchang said that abolishing visa would be a historic event for both countries.

If the Chinese government accepts Serbia’s proposal, the Serbian citizens will not need a visa to enter China providing that they don’t stay longer than 30 days. The decision to abolish visas could come into the force by the year end.

This will also have positive consequences on development of cooperation in all segments – from political relations and economy to tourism – Dacic said.

„We expect a significant number of Chinese tourists to come to Serbia and this is also good news for our people. Chinese businessmen will also be able to come here visa-free and the cooperation in areas like culture, science, education and sports will grow as a result of it“ – Dacic went on to say.

He added that the draft agreement on mutual abolition of visas is a reflection of the friendship towards China and the mutual trust that has been built.

Furthermore, China and 16 countries of the CIE countries will attend a summit in Riga on 5th and 6th November where several very important agreements are expected to be signed.

Ambassador Manchang said that Serbia was the first country in Europe that China was ready to sign the visa-free agreement with. He also confirmed that more Chinese tourists would come to Serbia once the agreement was signed and that more Serbs would travel to China too.

The Ambassador also underlined that following a decision from the Serbian Government, the Chinese government would also instigate the procedure for abolition of visas, adding that he was confident that the Chinese government would decide in favour of the visa-free regime.

(Telegraf, 16.10.2016)

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