Serbia promotes its fruit production in India

Serbian Agriculture Minister, Branislav Nedimovic met in New Delhi with his Indian counterpart, Radha Mohan Singh at an international food fair to discuss the future cooperation between the two countries, on the back of the meeting with the prime ministers of India and Serbia.

On the occasion, Minister Singh confirmed India’s participation in the 2018 International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad. Both ministers also agreed that the cooperation between Serbia and India should increase while the Serbian minister added that he had talked to the management of the Indian company Mahindra regarding its investments in Serbia.

Mahindra’s management is due to visit Serbia soon in order to research investment opportunities, particularly in the segment of fruit production and processing. In order to facilitate higher export of fruit to India, particularly apples and berries, minister Nedimovic suggested that the two countries should work on the proper certification process and harmonizing their respective veterinary certificates. He also suggested for Serbia and India to conclude a phyto-sanitary agreement, which draft had already been sent to the Indian Embassy in Belgrade, and expressed his hope that the agreement would be signed soon.

Apart from being a renowned agricultural machinery manufacturer, Mahindra is also known for investments in the dairy, fruits and vegetables industries. Mahindra also has branches in the Netherlands, China, Chile, and South Africa, and it will open a branch in Egypt soon. According to a representative from this company, Mahindra’s executives are planning to come to Serbia very soon to explore cooperation opportunities.

Apart from Serbian business people, director of the agricultural sector at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Veljko Jovanovic is also participating in the food fair in New Delhi. The Chamber has its booth along with 11 Serbian exhibitors like producers of frozen fruits, confectionary, dried fruits and similar. Jovanovic said that, apart from exporting apples and dried fruits, Serbia has a good chance to export stone fruit too.

(, 03.11.2017)



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