Serbia presented with consequences if it rejects the “big five’s” plan for Kosovo

If it rejects the EU’s plan for the continuation of the dialogue with Kosovo, Serbia will be faced with the consequences, that is, the stoppage of the EU accession process and withdrawal of investments.

In a TV appearance, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, denied that that was communicated to him by the representatives of the “big five” with whom he spoke on Friday.

After a series of crisis situations and intense diplomatic activity in the previous period, the new EU plan, which is supported by the United States, is now gaining importance because it is directly related to whether Serbia will continue with the EU accession process, analysts point out.

On Friday, representatives of the so-called “big five”, led by the EU’s special envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Miroslav Lajčak, and the representatives of France, Germany, Italy and the USA, visited Belgrade and Pristina. In the days after that, the Serbian officials signalled that difficult days were ahead of the country and that parts of the “big five’s” plan for Kosovo were published by certain media outlets.

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Josep Borrell, reported on the progress of the dialogue to the EU’s foreign ministers and pointed out that the European proposal can bring great benefits to both sides, noting that he expects serious commitment and readiness for constructive engagement from both sides.

Stefan Surlić from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade says that Serbia has very little room for manoeuvre when it comes to further negotiations and notes that the entire initiative came with a clear intention.

“They do not want to continue having the status quo in a dialogue… They want a step forward which is not related to the implementation of the Brussels Agreement”, Surlić adds.

In his last night’s TV address, President Vučić underlined that it is important for Belgrade to highlight that the Union of Serbian Municipalities (ZSO) must be formed and that it “cannot be a non-governmental organization”.

On the other hand, the US embassy in Pristina invited political parties in Kosovo to have a joint discussion on January 31, with the topic of the discussion, initiated by US Ambassador Jeff Hovenier, will be establishing the Union of Serbian Municipalities.

(Euronews, 24.01.2023)

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