Serbia plans to increase RES share in electricity production to 45%

Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy, Jovana Joksimović, said today that until 2030, the government’s main energy goals are to increase the share of renewable sources in the production of electricity to 45 percent, to reduce the emission of harmful gases by 40.4 percent compared to 1990 and to substantially boost the country’s energy efficiency.

She added that the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate, which covers the country’s energy goals to be accomplished by 2030 with projections until 2050, will be adopted in the coming period. The plan contains more than 150 measures, of which almost 70 reforms and envisages necessary investments by 2030 of EUR 27.4 billion

She pointed out that Serbia is determined to speed up the process of energy transition, but not at the expense of energy security.

“The government’s strategic goal is to achieve energy independence at the lowest price for citizens and the economy, as well as implement green energy transition while ensuring the stability of the energy system and security of supply,” said Joksimović.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Sandra Dokić, underlined that the green transition must be fair and inclusive and it should focus on vulnerable categories of the population, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the pillars of the Serbian economy.

Serbia’s state-owned power company, Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS), has also announced an ambitious plan to invest €5.4 billion in renewable energy projects by the decade’s end. This strategic move, revealed by EPS’s acting General Director Dušan Živković, designates €3.5 billion for the development of wind and solar power facilities, highlighting the nation’s commitment to a sustainable energy future.

This investment is a cornerstone of Serbia’s energy strategy, aiming to have renewables account for 45% of its total electricity production by 2030. By directing over half of its planned investments towards renewables, including hydroelectric power, EPS is steering Serbia towards reducing its carbon footprint and embracing green energy solutions.

(Forbes Serbia, 27.03.2024)

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